Tribute to Dr. Nagendra Swarup

"A good education can change anyone but a good teacher can change everything."

Dr. VSEC chain was started by Dr. Nagendra Swarup to propagate and perpetuate the legacy of education bequeathed by his father Dr. Virendra Swarup .

Dr. Nagendra Swarup proved to be aworthy son of an illustrious father. A scion of a family committed to making education accessible and affordable to all in Uttar Pradesh and specially in Kanpur, Dr. Nagendra Swarup entered the field of 10 + 2 education with his trademark zeal and indomitable sprit .

The foundation of Dr. Virendra Swarup H2 block was laid in 1990 , VSEC Sharda Nagar in 1991 VSEC Avadhpuri in 1992 and then the other branches in Shyam Nagar, Panki, Farrukhabad , Unnao , Kidwai Nagar N Block etc.

Words will never be enough to describe the man and the energy that exuded from the towering personality that Dr. Nagendra Swarup was or rather is. He can never be thought of,in the past because his persona , his ideas are what guide us all at Dr. VSEC in our journey to find what we are seeking and that is excellence in all that we do as a group and as individuals who are committed to fulfil the dream that Dr. Nagendra Swarup cherished for this school .

The legacy of Dr. Nagendra Swarup will live on in the countless lives that he touched through his work. His kindness , wisdom and mission will continue to guide us .

Rest in peace, Dr. Nagendra Swarup. You will be deeply missed, but your legacy will continue to inspire us for generations to come.